Why People Should Try Cosmetic Dentistry


Cosmetic dentistry is becoming much more popular due to the improvements in the technology, which has created an opportunity for people to improve their smile in less time, and at a more reasonable cost than in the past. When you think of cosmetic dentistry, you may think of cosmetic veneers and whitening, but cosmetic dentistry now includes even more treatments that were not available in the past, and improvements to traditional dentistry procedures that makes them more esthetically pleasing. Jason had much to offer in this aspect.

Cosmetic dentistry is used to enhance a person’s smile by improving the appearance of their teeth and mouth. Most cosmetic dentistry is elective, where the person decides on which treatments they wish to use to enhance their smile. Cosmetic dentistry in Mansfield Ohio is becoming much more convenient and comfortable, which is making it an attractive option. The use of lasers and new improvements to inlays and bonding materials can create improvements to your smile in as little as one visit to a dentist, without the hassle or expense of being referred to a specialist.

Teeth whitening is possibly the most common cosmetic dentistry technique, and is used to bleach teeth that are stained by food, drink, or smoking. Another very popular procedure in cosmetic dentistry is inlays or onlays. This option is also referred to as indirect fillings, and many people are choosing them as a replacement for old silver-colored dental fillings made from amalgam. They are made in a porcelain or composite material that better matches the teeth, creating a more attractive smile. People are also choosing bonding as a way to repair chipped, broken, or decayed teeth which, like the material used in inlays and onlays blends in with the surface tooth color and matches the surrounding tooth structure. Dental veneers that are bonded to the tooth surface are another attractive way to disguise chips, cracks, discolored, or worn teeth.

Dental implants actually replace the missing tooth with a prosthetic that is permanently attached to your jaw with a root replacement post. Sometimes patients have multiple issues with their teeth and mouth that require several different procedures provided by cosmetic dentistry in Mansfield Ohio. This may require a full smile reconstruction which combines veneers, implants, inlays and teeth whitening to bestow you with the beautiful smile you have always dreamed of.

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