Some Types Of Dental Braces


Now you have the option of choosing the material your braces are made of, colors, removable and more. Let’s explore a few options that are available to those that need braces,said Amani Wahaab. Your orthodontic center may not have all these options available – check with your orthodontic specialist to see which option is best for you. Other than availability, price may also be a factor to consider the specific types of braces and orthodontic care you receive, in addition to your orthodontist’s preferences, your personal preferences and the extent of your treatment.

Ceramic braces are great for those that already have very white teeth. They ‘blend in’ with the color of your teeth and they are not as easily seen as metal braces. They’re very strong and don’t stain. These less noticeable type of braces are great for those with a personal preference of not wanting their braces to be extremely visible to everyone. These provide for a more subtle look.

Lingual braces are similar to traditional metal braces, but they are placed on the back-side of your teeth so they are not seen! Not every orthodontist provides these types of braces since special training is required to treat patients with lingual braces. The downside to these types of braces is that they can be more costly than traditional braces and treatment may take longer.

There is the option of getting gold-plated braces for those that have a nickel allergy. Colored ligatures (the o-shaped rubber band that is placed around the bracket and over the arch wire) are also available. The more adventurous or younger crowd may opt for WildSmiles Brackets. These are a great option for braces for children. These are very similar to traditional metal braces, but they come in a variety of shapes such as a flower, star, heart, football and baseball. They are a fun alternative that provide for further customization of your dental braces.

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