My Vampire Teeth Fixed!


Dentist to save the day!

Dentist 1: I needed the help of a dentist services community to fix my two dental front teeth at ten yrs. old. Because I was a child I needed a pediatric dentistry for my dentist needs which were two repair my cracked two front dental teeth which looked like fangs, ugh! The kids I played with jokingly called me the Vamp Rabbit because of my dental problem. I was fine with their little dental nickname, but when people I didn’t know started making fun of my dental issue, then I started having issues which is where the dentist came in to save the day. However, I didn’t go to the dentist, the general dentistry, or the pediatric dentistry until later after some time of becoming self-conscious and shy.

Having this kind of dental problem made it so I couldn’t freely smile or laugh, like most dentist patients who have such a problem. I started to pity my self at times for my dental issue which is also why I think a dentist can do their job well when repairing such dental problems. The care and dental services of a dentist in repairing dental problems that cause children or anyone to be self-conscious of dental issues and not be able to smile is creating over-all health in the dentist patients. Not only are the dentist patients receiving the oral care and dental repair they need, but their social life, career prospects, family prospects, and self-esteem are all put in a better state of health because of good oral care and as the dental patient increases in confidence and freedom to smile or laugh when they want to.

Dentist 2: Dental and oral health care and shouldn’t be such a big deal, especially since I had great oral and dental health care, I just had some funny looking dental teeth! But, people made a huge fuss about my dental condition by looking at me weird and naming me and labeling me, all because of me dental teeth in the front, and even though I had great oral health care. It was because of all the troubles I ran into with my vampire, bunny teeth that I decided to visit a dentist who had been to cosmetic dental schools to fix my front two teeth.

Dentist 3: When I was first looking for a dentist to fix my dental smile I wasn’t aware of the difference between each type of dentist and dental services. I found out that there are dental care dentist offices that focus more on periodontics. Other dental care dentist offices would focus on endodontics. Yet other dentist offices would have a dentist that had gone to dental school to specialize in prosthodontic dental care. Imagine that, a dentist that did dental prosthetics…. hahaha, I guess that may have been what I needed to replace my dental problem teeth. There are also dentist offices that specialize in rendering dental care for children, a pediatric dentistry. Before I started searching through dentist offices and options I thought every dentist office was a general dentistry, but with all the technology there are several more specialized dental care facilities and trained dentist specialists for any type of dental care health services.

Dentist 4: The dentist I chose explained that the best solution to my dental problem would be to put a kind of jacket or covering over my front dental teeth so that they would be a normal shape. And that’s what the dentist did and now I can smile or laugh whenever I want to without anyone’s criticizing words and looks!!

My Vampire Teeth Fixed!

Dentist 2: Dental and oral health care and shouldn’t be such a big deal, especially since I had great oral and dental health care, I just had some funny looking dental teeth!…. Learn more at American Fork Dentist and Dental School

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