Treating Swelling Caused By A Toothache


A toothache brings with itself a lot of pain and a successive swelling of the gums. If you’re unable to reach out to your family dentist, you’ve got to find another alternative. While household remedies can be useful to mend minor toothaches, a severe pain and swelling requires proper care and swift action. A prescribed drug by the dentist is the best pain-relieving solution, but here are some alternative remedies in the meantime.

A consistent ice-pack application on the face can relieve you from the swelling temporarily. Simply pack ice cubes in a towel or material and use it on the cheeks for a temporary cure.

Pain relief products can turn out to be useful at such a time. If you have been prescribed for any such medicine for agony and swelling before, then you can think about using it for your ache. Some specific kinds of these pain relievers you should consider are: aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen. Select a drug that you have consumed before and which will not trigger allergies.

Next, set an appointment with the family dentist and make a visit as soon as possible. He’ll diagnose the cause of the pain and swelling and treat you in the absolute best manner. To ultimately treat and cure the distressing nerves, you need an oral practitioner who can find out the underlying cause of the toothache.

Follow the guidelines as prescribed by the dentist and you’ll be on the right path to a very content and healthy mouth. Take the antibiotics as suggested and treat the tooth which is causing the ache with consistent care. Exercise care in coping with and seeking help for cavities. A cavity, when left untreated, can give you painful moments in the future again. Good dental care is a delicate balance of cleanliness, short-term pain-relief methods, and prolonged care by a well-trained and experienced dental surgeon. Follow these pointers and make your mouth happy!

Dr. Paul Christianson is a dentist who offers emergency dental services to Brevard County.

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