Getting Dental Implants? What Can Be Expected


When you get introduced to a new person, possibilities are the first thing that you notice is their smile. A person’s smile is one of his biggest assets so one should take proper care of his or her teeth as he grows up. Nevertheless for people that encounter accidents that cause their teeth to get chipped off or for those that are unlucky enough to have deteriorating teeth one solution that they could go for is to get dental implants.

Dental implants refer to tooth roots that are used to support a restoration for a lost tooth or teeth. This process could stop or forestall jaw bone loss. This is considered as a type of cosmetic dentistry because aside from health benefits, dental implants could also benefit a person in such a way that improves his or her appearance seriously. Before you consider getting dental implants you should talk to your dentist first. Your dentist will inspect your teeth and gums thoroughly as well as judge your bone density and quantity. After the exam your dentist will give you the best treatment option for your specific condition and give you a treatment plan which may or may not include dental implants.

If you are a candidate for dental implants there are a few things that you should expect. It is quite a long procedure so you should expect to go through the following stages. A little hole is drilled at jaw sites in order to helper the titanium screw that holds the implants in place. It is important for the dentist to use his talents and experience when he is doing the methodical procedure of uninteresting the hole and sizing the jaw bone. Once the hole has been drilled it is slowly dilated so that the dentist can place the implant screw. When the implant is securely in place the surrounding gum tissue is used to cover the implant and a cover screw is secured with top to allow the site to cure properly. Half a year after the process the patient should go back to her dentist. He'll then expose the implant in order to attach a crown or tooth-like replacement to the implant. The temporary crown will act as a template by which the gum grows and shapes itself. Eventually, the temporary crown is replaced with an everlasting crown.

The one vital thing that a person should expect when he goes through a dental implant process is that he will be able to experience a lot of discomfort. You should be expecting bulging in the gums and face after the opening procedure including minor bleeding and bruising on the implant site. Your dentist may prescribe pain killers for the patient to ease agony and pain.

The process of recovery for dental implants can last anywhere between one month to six months. The fitting and the setting of the permanent crown will require another 2 months to complete. Patients should make sure that they return to their dentist for follow-up appointments as well as for straightforward monitoring on his progress.

Lionel Piedmont, writer, thanks Marietta dental specialist Kirk Kimmerling, DDS for his views as a cosmetic dentist on teeth implants.

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