Gabapentin And Fibromyalgia


Gabapentin is a drug commonly prescribed to treat seizure disorders, for example epilepsy, and also nerve pain caused by diabetes, herpes, and shingles. Gabapentin has also been researched as a potential treatment for Fibromyalgiaalongside one of its linked conditions, restless leg syndrome. The extended-release type of Gabapentin, generally called Horizant, must be taken with a full stomach at dinner time. Neurontin, the immediate-release form, can be given at any point of the day, with or without a meal. After steady dosing increases that are done over the first few days of treatment, the standard adult dose of Gabapentin sometimes ranges from 900mg to 1,800 mg every day, taken in 3 divided batches.

As there are with any pharmaceutical treatment, the usage of Gabapentin can result in certain un-wished for complications. These include allergic reactions, dizziness, lethargy, dizziness, and putting on weight. Additionally, anxiety, depression, agitation, hostility, restlessness, psychological or physical hyperactivity, and suicidal thoughts are also possible. patients who take Gabapentin should be aware of any differences in their mood or mental state and talk to their doctor straight away if they spot increasing thoughts of suicide. In addition to these side effects, the usage of antacids as well as certain pain relievers can also impact the efficacy of Gabapentin. Ultimately, patients who have heart, liver, or kidney illness should talk about other possible treatment alternatives with their doctor before initiating a therapy program with Gabapentin.

Unfortunately, the study relating to the use of Gabapentin as a means of treating Fibromyalgia is lacking, and more studies are necessary. However, one scientific study has indicated inspiring findings. This research showed that Gabapentin, when administered at doses from 1,200mg to 2,400mg every day, is in fact efficient and safe at managing pain severity, general health, and sleep quality among Fibromyalgia patients.

While research relative to the usage of Gabapentin for Fibromyalgia are limited, and Gabapentin has yet to have been approved specifically by the FDA as a medical treatment for Fibromyalgia it appears that mounting numbers of doctors are administering this medication for Fibromyalgia.

Should you decide to try this medication, be sure to scrupulously track results to help you decide whether it may work for you.

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