Five Ways To Whiten Teeth


As individuals age, teeth tend to yellow. It’s no different than having your hair go gray or having a few wrinkles start to show up. So it makes sense that having whiter teeth will make you look younger.

A great study was performed at Columbia University in 2008 which showed that females who have healthier looking teethActually make higher salaries than those who did not. So having whiter teeth is going to increase one’s salary, increase beauty, increase self-esteem and confidence, and make you look younger… What are you waiting for?

The underlying issue with teeth is that they are porous, meaning they will absorb food and drink pigments, and stain your teeth over time. It is inevitable in the human diet for this to occur and yellowing of some sort to take place.

All varieties of teeth whitening use bleaching with hydrogen peroxide, which whitens teeth by getting rid of stains on the surface. These staining pigments were absorbed over a period of years in the bleaching lightens them. It is necessary to keep in mind that if one has an implant like a crown or veneer, the hydrogen peroxide will not penetrate that, so will not work on that particular tooth. It is important to see your cosmetic dentist Scottsdale about that, because going ahead and using peroxide and all the other teeth and whitening them will then leave a potential mismatch.

Here are 5 ways of teeth whitening:

1.   Seek out the help of a professional such as the best dentists Scottsdale–bleaching that dentists utilize in their office is 3 to 5 times more powerful than the at-home versions. Results are seen much quicker than doing it yourself at home. Dentists offer procedures called power whitening would the gums are protected from the peroxide, with the teeth then receiving the bleach material. A light then gets positioned towards the teeth to accelerate the process, and within an hour the teeth have significant whitening. The cost for this is around $400-$700.

2. Dental take home trays – Your dentists Scottsdale AZ fits you with a custom tray, similar to a retainer. Then you fill the tray with the bleaching material, and wear at home daily. Results take anywhere from a few days to a month, and the cost is $200-400.

 3. Baking soda–some varieties of toothpaste party, with baking soda as an ingredient. The baking soda itself acts to polish the tooth surface by reducing staining with a chemical reaction. Care should be taken not to utilize baking soda in another itself more than once a week, as it is not completely safe to one’s enamel.

4.  Dark clothes/lipsticks–one way to make teeth whiter indirectly is to wear either darker clothing or lipstick that are either red-based, pink-based, or blue based. Unfortunately wearing oranges, Brown’s, or yellows, connection make the yellow appear worse in one’s teeth.

5. Avoid staining beverages – drinks such as dark colas, tea, and red wine may yellow teeth over time and should be limited if at all possible.

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