Delicate Teeth


Do you suffer with sensitive teeth? You are not on your own. This worsening problem may be set off by heat, cold, sour food or sweets. The ensuing agony doesn't last long, however it certainly makes a massive impact. Understanding the reasons behind, and preventions for, delicate teeth is vital for your general oral health.

What triggers that pain? The real cause of sensitiveness is receding gums, which in its turn leaves your tooth’s roots more exposed. Each of your tooth’s roots has tubules that go straight to the center of the nerve, and they're extraordinarily attuned to temperature or flavor changes.

Puzzling over what causes eroding gums? There are many culprits. Believe it to be true or not brushing your teeth too hard with a firm brush will eventually tear down enamel that protects your teeth. In turn this also causes gum tissue recession. Gingivitis and periodontal illness also leads to sensitiveness. Past this if you have cracked teeth, use tooth lightening products, have a high amount of plaque or eat lots of acidic food – you might find that your teeth hurt occasionally.

Interesting enough using mouthwash might injure your teeth too. Many commercial products essentially increase tooth sensitivity thanks to the acids in the ingredients used. Your dentist can recommend an alternative that will not harm your teeth. Talking of which, it isn't unusual to have some tooth sensitivity after dental procedures but these are transient and should ideally go away inside a month’s time. If not, contact your dentist immediately. A Net search in your local area will bring up local dentist websites where you can read reviews before choosing a dentist.

There are ways in which you can help stop delicate teeth. Brush and floss your teeth daily with a soft bristle brush so that you don’t irritate your gums. Use toothpaste specially prepared for sensitive teeth, especially fluoridated products. Remain mindful of your diet habits, avoiding high-acid foods including tea, vinegar, wine, olive oil, shellfish and peanuts. Eventually, do not forget to keep a lid on of your half-year appointments for dental check-ups cleaning and overall hygiene suggestions.

Caroline Manuel is an Orthodontist in Eunice, Louisiana. You can read more at her website as well as see dental images.

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