Bisphosphonates May Be Attributed To Prolonging Patient’s Lifespan, According To Australian Researchers


Patients taking bisphosphonates have been found to live longer lifespans gaining an extra five years, according to Australian researchers. Data analyzed and interpreted from April 1989 until May 2007 was compiled into the Dubbo Osteoporosis Epidemiological Study.

The study included over 1,223 women and 819 men; as much as 121 subjects in a sub-group took bisphosphonates while other subgroups took other treatments such as vitamin D and hormone therapy. It appeared from the results that the benefit applied to both men and women.

Although the results were not taken from a randomized controlled study, the preliminary findings from a cohort study among people taking different treatments for one common condition is still viable. It may not have accounted for any other factors that might have affected the outcome of the study’s results, such as lifestyle and health habits which might help explain why a person might live longer and be healthier, but the findings implications were enough to warrant another study to confirm them.

In addition to the five-year extension, further results from the study continue to challenge previously held conceptions about elderly health and osteoporosis. Among the women in the study older than 75 with osteoporotic fractures, as much as 50 percent of them were expected die in five years time. It was noted with some astonishment that the women who took bisphosphonates in that that age group had improved their rate of survival by 10 percent.

More findings on younger women with osteoporotic fractures indicate a death rate of 20 to 25 percent within five years but those on bisphosphonates all survived. The study authors claim that this supports the findings that those on bisphosphonates may live five years longer.

Another theory that the researchers considered that might help explain the benefit of bisphosphonates was the possibility of preventing a life-time of stored lead and cadmium from being released by preventing further bone breakdown. Since there is little testing to support this assertion it has become imperative to find out what the exact cause of the benefit is.

Due to bisphosphonates being suspected of having severe side-effects, physicians believe that they should be taken strictly according to instructions.

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