My Last Dentist Visit


My last visit to the dentist was last month. Like most people I don’t really enjoy sitting in a chair with my mouth open for several minutes as the dentist scrapes away at the oral plaque build-up. However, I do really enjoy rubbing my tongue over those nice clean teeth after a visit to the dentist. And the whiter glow and shine that my teeth have, a smile of health, after the dentist has polished my teeth with fluoride.

Last time I saw my dentist, he said that I had a clean mouth and that the flossing and brushing I do regularly pays off for my oral health and overall health. It’s nice to hear my dentist say that since I do spend the time each morning and night to brush and care for my oral health. One thing my dentist said that caught my attention was that they’re finding more connections to overall physical health or physical ailments caused by dental and oral health. It makes sense that regular dental services, a trip to the dentist for regular cleaning and oral care, would affect your overall health.

It makes sense what my dentist said because what goes in the mouth and effects your oral health also affects your physical health. Also my dentist said that gum disease or other oral ailments affect the health of other internal organs like the heart or liver or stomach. I told my dentist that I had heard about this. When I was pregnant and reading about what to do and what not to do, I came across the warning of gum disease and good oral health care during pregnancy affects your growing baby! So, if good oral health affects a growing fetus, why wouldn’t it affect the health of other organs in your body. What my dentist said, made sense.

I go to a dentist in Sandy because that’s the closest to my home. When I visit the dentist I feel confident in the dental school training he has had as I look at the dental school certificate hanging on the wall. The dental services and customer care I receive from my Dentist Sandy office team is the best and that’s why I continue to receive their dental services. Some other dental care services available at my dentist office are Pediatric Dentistry which is optimal for my children, Endodontics and Prosthodontic dentistry. Medicine services, cancer services, and other health services are also available in the same building as my dentist which makes it convenient when I’m taking my parents to the dentist and they need dental implants or other prosthodontic work.

General dentistry is important to my dentist as well as educating his staff and customers about good oral health. Delta Dental, along with Sandy Dentist, have the same dentist which includes endodontics dentistry, prosthodontic dentistry and other health services at the same dentist office location. These other health services included at the same dentist office location are: medicine services, other dental services like endodontics dentistry, prosthodontic dentistry, and in addition pediatric dentistry and periodontics dentistry. Dental services are important and a regular visit to your dentist will help you have the best oral health you can have.

My Last Dentist Visit

I go to a dentist in Sandy because that’s the closest to my home. When I visit the dentist I feel confident in the dental school training he has had as I…. Learn more at Sandy Dentist and Cancer Services

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