Fosamax’s Connection To Femur Fractures


Women who are postmenopausal are given bisphosphonate drugs, one of which is Fosamax, to help fight an impending osteoporosis affliction. They know what will happen to them during menopause that their bones will get weaker because bone mineral density decreased in a rather rapid way, leading to osteoporosis. There have been many generic brands of this drug sold in the market. People who have osteoporosis are put under Fosamax medication. There have been issues aboutFosamax’s connection with femoral fractures.


With the drug being launched, osteoporotic patients are thrilled by it.It may relieve them of their sickness but only temporary. Its efficacy has trembled due to the continuous questions raised. Although it is primarily marketed to help increase bone mineral density and slow down bone loss, it actually rather has an unnerving course of action. According to studies, during the first three years of medicating one’s self with Fosamax, it seemed all right. Yet, in longer period of medication, like five years or more, it has a depressing effect. The drug no longer functions as a bone strengthener but rather as a bone crusher.


Femur fracture is one of the horrendous side effects of the drug. As the toughest bone in the body, you will be stunned that frightful things happen to this bone.Experts say that this bone will not easily break; it needs a really strong force for a fracture to occur or if there is something wrong with the bone. To those not suffering from osteoporosis, the usual causes of femoral fractures are fall from a height and vehicular accidents. Occurrence of femur fractures have been a puzzle for quite some time now.


These instances are associated with the use of Fosamax. Those having bone diseases like osteoporosis are its usual users. It is worrying that many are experiencing hip fractures, considering that there is no identified injury on the spot the fracture happened.It is just like it breaks on itself and the crack is unusual because it is located in the mid-femur level. With the femur’s anatomical structure, it is a fact that the femoral neck will fracture first, even with severe osteoporosis the femur will not likely to break at the mid-level.A sudden mid-femur fracture is very rare, stronglysuggesting a pathological fracture initiated by a drug or a certain disease.




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