Causes And Treatments Of Sensitive Teeth


A toothache is one of the most painful things anyone can experience. Except in cases where you experience some kind of blunt force trauma, tooth aches are normally the result of years of slow erosion to your teeth.

You barely notice this is all going on, inside your mouth millions of bacteria share your food and excrete it in the form of acids that de-mineralize your teeth, in fact it is by virtue of this process that tooth decay takes place, one day at a time. You usually remain completely unaware of this process until you suddenly experience a sharp pain or dull throbbing of a tooth.

Here are some of the many different factors that can contribute to tooth aches:

You may have very sensitive teeth. Sensitivity may just creep up on you until you’re suddenly more sensitive to the things you weren’t before. When your teeth show extreme sensitivity to hot or cold situations, such as cold drafts or even moisture in the air, they are considered hypersensitive.

When the protective enamel layer is eroded away, this sensitivity can occur. This happens over time as we chew our food.Think of our chewing action like a bevel, each time we grind, we take off some of the minerals we need to keep the teeth strong.Over time, our teeth are slowly filed down through the natural process of eating, and as more enamel is lost, the closer this gets to the pulp of the tooth.As the enamel thins, the pulp, nerve and dentine is less protected, and the tooth’s nerve becomes much more sensitive to hot and cold elements, and causing you to experience pain.

Natural toothache remedies are the best. One of the best natural toothache cures involves placing a garlic clove directly on the tooth causing pain.Garlic will help kill bacteria that is causing infection as well as having natural anesthetic abilities that will reduce pain in the afflicted area.

However, over the long term, the tooth needs to be repaired. Since teeth are actually living and have blood flowing through them, they are capable of self-repair.Our ancestors experienced this process naturally, but modern lifestyles and diet make it difficult for our teeth to do this as effectively as they once did.

With a diet full of calcium rich foods, our teeth can re-mineralize by themselves, however given our frequent consumption of sugary and highly refined foods, this process is made much more difficult.

To prevent this decay from happening in the future, you need to work at strengthening and rebuilding your teeth.

To learn how to prevent a toothache from ever happening again And finally, Get regular check-ups with your Local Santee dentist.

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