Adrenal Fatigue: Recovery And Cures


The adrenal glands in our body are responsible for secreting a number of necessary hormones including testosterone, adrenaline, DHEA, progesterone and Cortisol. They perform crucial functions like maintaining fluid and electrolytic balance, production of energy and regulate fat storage. The hormones produced in this gland are also responsible for maintaining a strong immune response and normalizing blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

Adrenal Gland Dysfunction

Any dysfunction in these glands may cause adrenal fatigue, and the person may exhibit symptoms like morning fatigue, drowsiness, light depression, energy burst during odd times of the day, increased allergies, incapability to handle stress, food cravings and lightheadedness. Ladies could also experience increased menopausal or PMS symptoms. There are tests available that will tell you whether or not adrenal fatigue is the right diagnosis for you. These tests include Blood pressure test (Ragland’s Sign), a pupil dilation examination and could include specialized lab investigations.

Adrenal Gland Treatment & Recovery

Once you know you have this issue, you will have to consider treatment possibilities so as to regain your health and be in a position to perform in a normal fashion. With proper healing therapy, the problem will go away with some time. Adrenal gland fatigue may also be treated with natural herbs so that phytotherapy treatment benefits can be accomplished. Many of these herbs have been proved to give results when referring to adrenal fatigue and can be used with mild risk of complications. Here are some herbs that could be useful:

Golden Root or Rhodiola rosea

Anti-depressant, anti-anxiety and protecting against stress related fatigue.


aptogenic herb that enhances psychological clarity and supports bone remodeling.

Astragalus root

Ameriorates the immune system and improve insulin sensitivity.

Licorice root

Improves energy, endurance, help recovery from adrenal fatigue.


Balances inflammatory response so helping stabilise blood sugar to rest the adrenal glands.

With these herbs you’ll also have to make some vital lifestyle changes in order to recover from adrenal fatigue. This includes getting at least eight to 10 hours of sleep each day, drinking herbal tea, modifying your exercise plan to improve your energy, eating healthily and frequently, taking part in social activities and practicing stress reducing techniques like yoga or medidation.

Cyma Rizwan is a writer. She's prompted to write on topics Doctor Melanie DesChatelets ND discusses on her naturopathic blog. For more articles on the adrenals look at it here.

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